New Trend: Kenyan MPs join the iPad craving bandwagon

The Kenyan Parliamentary Service Commission is expected to spend about 30 million to procure iPads for MPs and senators to help them “reconnect” with their electorate on Twitter and Facebook. This comes shortly after their Ugandan counterparts made a similar acquisition for it’s MPs mid this month. According to the National Assembly Speaker, Justin Muturi interaction between MPs and their electorates has gone up tremendously hence the need to boost the lawmakers’ capacity in ICT.

Muturi said:

“Online and interactive discussion of Parliamentary work and information has risen to unprecedented levels in the last five years. The exponential uptake of the internet and therefore the social media in the form of Twitter and Facebook have made the dissemination of information on Parliament much elaborate and vast in terms of outreach, feedback and opinion shaping,”

This proposed hefty purchase has not gone down well with the population and some are questioning whether the billions allocated should be spent on iPads for MPs and senators or on development programs such as feeding the people of Turkana.