Toyota Concept-i_1

Toyota has unveiled its vehicle of the future called the Concept-i– and just to be clear–  for now, it is just a concept so it might probably never hit the streets of Kampala any time soon. With a futuristic design and aerodynamic shape as if it has just been used as a prop in a sci-fi movie the care comes with a bevel of futuristic features. Toyota says the car has built-in artificial intelligence, nicknamed “Yui,” designed to “learn from and grow with the driver.”

The interface begins with the visual representation of Yui, designed to communicate across cultures to a global audience. Toyota says “With Yui’s home centered on the dashboard, Concept-i’s interior emanates around the driver and passenger side and throughout the vehicle in sweeping lines, with interior shapes designed to enhance Yui’s ability to use light, sound and even touch to communicate critical information.”

Toyota Concept-i_2
Toyota Concept-i front seat

Toyota aims to make the driving experience a more “warm and friendly”, which is part of a broader trend in the automotive world to turn the inside of your car into a so-called “third space,” a place where we will spend the majority of our time outside of home and the office.

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The artificial intelligence that’s powering Yui will also communicate to the world when the Concept-i is engaged in autonomous driving. Yui appears on exterior door panels to greet driver and passengers as they approach the vehicle. The rear of the vehicle shows messages to communicate about upcoming turns or warn about a potential hazard. The front of the vehicle communicates whether the Concept-i is in automated or manual drive.