New thin 12 inch MacBook with Retina display announced

New MacBook 2015

The new 12 inch MacBook weighs just 2 pounds and is 13.1mm thin, compared to 17.3mm for the Air. It is basically 24 percent thinner than the Air. It has an all new keyboard that basically defines the shape of the laptop which makes it four times more stable than the previous Mac making it 40 percent thinner.

The Macbook comes with a new backlighting system with an individual LED for each key. It’s a 12-inch retina display with edge-to-edge cover glass at 2304 x 1440 resolution, this Panel is 0.88mm thin, thinnest display ever in a Mac. The Panel consumes 30 percent less energy than previous displays and the glass surface also has four force sensors and the taptic engine. As you press harder on the fast forward button in Quicktime, the video plays faster. Which is pretty cool.

New logic board is very tiny. Apple claims its the densest logic board ever in a Mac at 1.3GHz Turbocharged up to 2.9GHz. Expect an all-day battery life: 9 hours web browsing, 10 hours video playback. USB, DisplayPort, Power, HDMI, VGA: all in one connector in a new industry standard called USB-C. MacBook comes in silver, space gray, and “a stunning gold.”

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Starting price is $1,299 and $1,599 for a faster processor and twice the storage.