A new Smartphone vendor, Mediacom set to launch in Uganda

Medicom phones

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[/blockquote]Mediacom, an Italian brand owned by Datamatics is poised to launch its broad range of affordable feature and  smartphones in Uganda. Besides the imminent launch, it joins a rough turf where the likes of Tecno, iTel, Huawei, Infinix are dominating selling smartphones at cutthroat prices given how competitive the smartphone landscape is in Uganda, but expensive pricing remains a major obstacle to many. Not forgetting the big dogs of Samsung, Apple and  HTC that play at the premium tier.

To address this, they promise to sell their handsets starting from as low as UGX 39,000 up to UGX 1.3 million for their premium offerings. Mediacom joins Hong Kong based Zuri that recently made inroads into the Ugandan smartphone market and a whole lot of others both known and unknown trying to make a killing through selling smartphones. This arises from the increased demand for smartphones against a backdrop in feature phone sales, the latter not being able to keep up with evolving ergonomics.

The company as well specialize in tablets, data, networking & accessories, but for now, they’re concentrating their efforts on getting their feature & smartphone brands into hands of many Ugandans, at a reasonable price,as said by Frances Egessa, their publicist. The slow paced launch will be followed by regional activations across much of the country as well as launches in our EAC neighbors of Kenya & Rwanda.

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Asked about why they’re  launching in Uganda first? He elaborated about the rich opportunities presented by the Ugandan market allowing room for growth however much competition proves inevitable. They’re making promises of selling the most affordable 4G LTE handsets to Ugandans as a one way of luring customers to their brand.

Their smartphone range includes the Phone Pad M511 Oro+, Phone Pad M501 Oro, Phone Pad M401 Boss, Phone Pad G511 and the rugged R450 with others set to launch alongside them.