New Patent filing hints on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 design

Galaxy Note 4 concept display

Samsung feels that it needs to change the form factor and design of the Galaxy Note 4 and has effectively filed for a new patent application. Apparently the next Galaxy Note 4 could feature a three-sided curved YOUM OLED screen and today Samsung filed a patent that suggests a possible design for the tablet-phone.

Patent Galaxy Note 4

The patent application demonstrates a concept for a smartphone that has rounded edges on the sides as was demonstrated last year at the CES . Based on the image below, Samsung envisions the user interface to be incarcerated deeply in the device’s curved display effectively making use of that curved space. It could be notification peak or as in the example given, the app and settings shortcuts placed in the sides where the display curves.

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In the video below we see Samsung executives giving us a glimpse of the new form-factor that could now be for the next-gen Galaxy Note 4.

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