The new Opera browser seeks to lure me from Google Chrome

New Opera browser

The battle of browsers is one you fidget to declare a winner but over the years, chrome has won accolades at all measures and has built quite a reputation. I am not an excuse given I was caught with the chrome wave sweeping across the web. Google’s take on browsers sits right besides me every time I am to fire up a browser across my gadget ranks. Be it on mobile or when I migrate my nerdy self to the desktop, it’s always a thumbs up for chrome as it syncs across all my devices. Not that other browsers prove inferior but I being encircled in the Google ecosystem leaves me no choice but to stick to chrome, as my favorite pick plus a host of other power features I find no elsewhere.

Here comes Opera. It  first caught my attention with their data compressing technology that morphed into the the Opera Max app, the latter well known for helping internet users not deplete their data plans faster. Before I could tell it all,  our government shut down the social media doors and Opera proved my browser of choice owing to its built in VPN feature, I roamed the web without fear of reprisal since MTN couldn’t righteously locate my exact location. There is a built in ad blocker that simplifies browsing without annoyance from errant ads that keep showing up.

To a privacy paranoid and data cautious customer now that the budget has been read, Opera should  be  your go to browser. But wait, the few misdemeanors of chrome cannot get me defect to Opera but however, I can chance on Opera’s new battery saving feature.

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Battery saving taken to a new level

New Opera browser battery saving1Chrome is a good browser, if not the best in its own right but takes a toll on one’s battery to get the best out of it. Opera promises to change this now that the previously test-only battery saving feature saw a stable release and is now universal! Wait, why would a Chrome addict turn a covert Opera user?

Opera promises me that it (Read Battery saver) together with the ad blocker can save my Windows 10 laptop’s battery life up to 50%. That sounds bonkers! Right? Now that Windows users like myself have something to boast about given my Mac peers  already have the feature embedded in Safari, especially the newer iterations of the Apple’s browser.

Theoretically Opera promises that once the battery saving mode is active, it limits background tabs and wakes the CPU less often. It also reduces the frame rate to 30 frames per second, automatically pauses unused plug-ins and tunes your video playback parameters by forcing the use of hardware-accelerated codecs together with paused animations of browser themes.

Away from the technical lingo, the said processes are meant to extend one’s battery life by 50% and Opera goes ahead to front its new browser against favorite  Chrome and older Opera browsers with its own set of benchmarks.

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