iPhone 8 wireless charging
Credit: CNET

The launch of a new iPhone is usually a big media event, with many customers in the western world waiting weeks in line, fights breaking out at the stores, and people being robbed of their new purchases at gunpoint. This year? Not so much.

The new iPhone 8 launch is being met with a collective yawn, with only a few Apple Stores reporting any lines at all. According to Reuters, fewer than 80 people lined up for the new device at the San Francisco flagship store, where previous launches resulted in lines several blocks long. Many customers were actually in line to purchase the new Apple Watch Series 3 instead.

In terms of stock value, it was the worst product launch week in iPhone history. Shares were down 6% from Apple’s September 12 event announcing the new fall lineup and down 7.4% for September, according to MarketWatch. The biggest dip previously was when the iPhone 5c and 5s were released in 2013.

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Some customers weren’t too impressed with the new phone. Some sight out the fact that it only shoots 4k 60 frames per second and it’s got a new glass back which are the major differentiators from the iPhone 7.

In some stores, there were more Apple employees than customers. “When I showed up, I expected the gaggles of people to be lined up down the street,” Aaron Fox told USA Today.

Waiting for the iPhone X

No doubt most dedicated Apple junkies are waiting for the launch of the cutting-edge iPhone X in November. The X (pronounced “ten”) features a stylish all-glass design and a 5.8-inch OELD display with a clean, intuitive interface and wireless charging. Many analysts have speculated that the upcoming launch of the iPhone X is cutting into pre-orders for the iPhone 8.

Although the iPhone 8 didn’t make much of a splash at its big debut, it’s likely to be a much different story on November 3 with the launch of the iPhone X, the “future of the smartphone,” according to Apple.