Announced back at Google I/O earlier this year in May, today Google has unwrapped the new Google Home device. Google Home is a competitor to Amazon’s Alexa that Google says is supposed to look like a wine glass or a candle but we think its looks more like an air freshener. To use the device just say “OK Google” and send your audio command the way you do on your phone and you will have a response back. It works with Spotify and Pandora and YouTube Music. If this were tied to just Google Play Music that would have been a problem. Google Home also acts as a Chromecast Audio receiver. Our guess is that it’s fundamentally based on the same software!

With the Google Home, It starting to seem like Google is basically looking forward to a future in which AI assistants are the only thing standing between us and the total destruction of all we love. The Assistant on Home is the same as your Assistant on the phone. Data is shared across your Google information on both devices. Google has also partnered with other Internet of things companies like Nest, SmartThings, Philips Hue, and IFTTT to improve the experience of Home.

You can search your photos and show them on the TV. It uses Google’s smart photo search. So… yeah, I’d recommend you think about what’s searchable in Google Photos. It supports multi-room audio so you can set up groups. Home is designed to be context-aware, so only the device that hears you best will respond when you talk to it. It is It’s available for preorder starting today: Google Store for $129.