New earth-like planet discovered

New earth-like planet discovered

As human beings we always have that feeling that there could life on a different planet, and we are a few years away for that dream some true. According to astronomers at the University of New South Wales claim to have discovered an Earth-like planet about 16 light-years away. Given the name,  Gliese 832c, this red dwarf star orbits it and is about the radius of our own sun. The planet is believed to have a mass more than five times that of Earth’s. The orbital period of earth is 365 days and that of  Gliese 832c about 35 days. What lead scientific to believe that it can support life is that Gliese 832c  receives the same average stellar energy as Earth does from the Sun.

The scientists believe that weather could be hot and volatile due to it’s far dense atmosphere compared to Earth likening it more to Venus than Earth. Gliese 832c is one of the top three most Earth-like planets and its the closest to Earth so far.