The new Apple Watch Series 2: Faster, Brighter and ‘Super’ Waterproof

Apple Watch s2

Today has Apple has unveiled its second generation smartwatch called the Apple Watch series 2. Just like the iPhone 7, the device is very similar to its predecessor the Apple: it’s got a square, customizable watchface mostly for telling the time and displaying notifications; a 24 hourĀ  battery life; and a funky watch dial Apple calls the digital crown for scrolling and zooming. The biggest changes, however, are a new water-resistant shell, which makes the watch swimproof, according to Apple, and a new GPS chip.

The built-in GPS allows the device to perform mapping on its own, no phone required. The company also upgraded the processor in the device, called the S2. It’s a dual-core processor the company says is 50 percent faster than its predecessor. Now, using apps and general maneuvering through the watch’s interface is much snappier, especially with the software-side upgrades we’re getting with watchOS 3.

Apple has also collaborate with Nike to make another variant called the Apple Watch Nike Plus and both this and the normal Apple Watch series 2 will cost $369.