A new Apple Watch is expected this year with beefed-up specs

Apple Watch hero

At this point what all speculators are sure of is the upcoming iPhone, but details on a potential Apple Watch upgrade have been lurking around the corners considering the original model was announced almost two years ago. According to AppleInsider and MacRumors an investor note sent out by well-connected analyst Ming-chi Kuo — has given us the first indication of what Apple has in store in the wearable Market this year.

Apple is said to be planning two new models of the Watch for 2016. The bigger upgrade, dubbed “Apple Watch 2” for now, will reportedly have “the same general design” as the current Watch, but include new internal components such as a GPS radio, a barometer, a thinner display, and a new, faster 16nm processor from TSMC. We expect to also see a larger battery so we might not see a thinner Apple Watch.

New design in 2018

The note also reveals that the second Apple Watch model sounds like a smaller upgrade just like what we expect the next iPhone to be — it won’t get the Apple Watch 2’s new features, and the industrial design will stay the same with some updated components. It may mark a price cut for the range.

 A bigger revamp is in size and form factor is expected to come next year alongside LTE support; if you’re waiting for a more substantial design overhaul, meanwhile, Kuo doesn’t believe this will happen until 2018.
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Apple is likely to hold an event in around a month’s time to announce this year’s iPhone; any new Watch models would likely come at the same event.