Netflix plans to add over 60 new original TV shows in 2016 as subscriber growth skyrockets


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[/blockquote]A few weeks after launching internationally even in Uganda, Netflix is planning a massive slate of original programming for 2016, with roughly thirty new originals and thirty children’s programs. This solidifies its unique status as a broadcaster without borders, removing of the conventions and constraints of its peers like Amazon and Hulu. Today Netflix announced its fourth quarter earnings, notching $1.823 billion in revenue and $43 million in profit. That trend continued today. Netflix added a record 5.59 million new subscribers in the fourth quarter 4.04 million more internationally making it a total of 75 million subscribers. Netflix also projected it will sign up more than 6 million new subscribers this quarter.

It also closed out 2015 with a bang by premiering its first original documentary, Making a Murder, a program that dominated the cultural conversation in much the same way that Serial did. But broadcaster are beginning to discuss alliances, hoping that by joining forces that can outbid Netflix for international licensing rights.

Netflix recently announced that it plans to actively block services that allow customers to bypass the regional restrictions on what content they can see. It also knows that it’s very tough to make this kind of blocking work well, and we believe it is just tough talk to appease the content partners from whom it licenses this programming. The will be releasing more shows in the next quarter than many networks will in a whole year. That includes what he calls more “mainstream” programming, like Fuller House, a trend which the company says is not indicative of a change in what they want make, but the ever expanding range of programming it can afford to create.