What you need to know about myChild, a Ugandan School’s management app


MyChild app is a school’s management app both on the web and mobile (Android for now) though soon launching on other platforms like iOS and Windows. The app helps parents track their children’s academic performance,its analysis, upcoming  school events, the school’s staff directory, engage in forums and pay school dues too.

However the school must have signed up for the service from its orchestrators that happen to be SchoolMaster Solutions, who vend the backend software that happens to be myChild. So far they have Mt. St. Mary’s College, Namagunga onboard with Turkish Light Academy and Ugandan Martyrs Namugongo adopting it soon.

The app is carefully designed to emulate the aspirations of technological advancement with ingenuity and simplicity thus making it highly responsive across a wide range of devices such as PCs, tablets and Mobile Phones.

What to expect from myChild?

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Upcoming Events and Notifications:

The ease of obtaining constant information and updates about your child’s school upcoming events is not matched elsewhere, other than when using myChild. Provision for notifications to parents concerning a number of events related to their children and the school such as school activities, announcements and upcoming events. For myChild mobile, these notifications are triggered upon child’s information updates.

Fees Payment made easy:

The principal edge of technology is ability to accomplish inevitable tasks with ease and convenience. myChild realizes this technology attribute by enabling the parents to painlessly pay their children’s school fees using either mobile money or the Interswitch payment platform.This will be effective January 2017  – Term one.

Child Performance Analysis and Trends:

Parents can access their children’s academic results as presented on the traditional report card but most importantly with valuable comparative analysis of overall performance versus entire class as well as subject performance based analysis.

Chat Platform as Feedback mechanism:

Provision for publication and discussion on important topics of the day [state of affairs in country even in the education sector], professional and other fields with fellow parents – makes myChild a cherished platform that keeps parents engaged and informed all the time round the clock.

Parents can give feedback to the school through a chat platform on issues affecting the school and their children per the needs of any class.

Adding Children to One Profile:

The possibility of adding children to the parent’s profile thereby making their profile a one stop center for access of all the children’s information.

If a parent has many children, these can be put under one parent profile for easy access of their information at a click of the button.

Child Track Records Access:

Important updates made instantly available to parents about their child’s track records such as Health incidents, Co-Curricular activities, disciplinary records and Library utilization which altogether make myChild an informative utility tool to reminisce about.


The recent trend of communication tools is not complete until powered by a robust and effective messaging service. myChild is aptly equipped with messaging capability through SMS and E-Mail channels to deliver important communication to all stakeholders.

Staff Directory Access:

In a scenario where for example for a day pupil can’t make it to school for different reasons like sickness and a parent needs to inform the Class Teacher directly, there will be a directory for all staff on the APP and their access contacts per responsibility say subjects taught. This makes the Teacher – Parent link easier.

Offline Mode:

Offline functionality is applicable to myChild mobile app [android platform] where the app’s local storage capabilities enable the parents to enjoy access to their children’s information such as; academic, track records and school events while offline.