NASA’s next Mars Rover 2020 may bring Martian soil back to Earth

rover_mars 2

Our recent Mars Rover post caused a lot of controversy, harsh feedback emails as human beings could not figure out satirical information in the article which was clearly sourced. Anyway as Techjaja, we wont stop and we have got another one for you. In just the second year of exploring Mars, NASA is already mooting plans for its next rover, which should arrive on the Red Planet come the year 2020. In a detailed 154-page document NASA plans to double down on the search for signs of past life on Mars in its next mission.

The next Mars robot will be very instrumental in analyzing  rock samples using a “visual, mineralogical and chemical analysis down to microscopic scale to understand the environment,” according to the JPL release. (no stone tablets from any god this time round)

Considering the fact that most of the things we send to Mars never returns, the detailed document clearly outlines one of NASA’s goals as to bring back as many as 31 rock core as well as soil samples to

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Source: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory