Nakasero Hospital is rolling out a new ICT system

Nakasero Hospital

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[/blockquote]Nakasero Hospital, one of the biggest private hospitals in Uganda situated in the heart of Kampala, on Nakasero Hill, is starting the new year with a bang and embracing ICTs as away of offering efficient services to its clientele. Specializing inĀ  outpatient and inpatient medical services, the hospital plans to roll-out a new ICT system starting on 30th January in order to increase patient satisfaction and enhancing their overall performance by improving the speed and efficiency of the hospital’s internal processes.

In a post on their Facebook page, the hospital management said that:

As with any new system, we expect there may be some temporary disruption of services as our staff all adjust to the new environment. Every effort is being made however to minimize the initial disruption as much as possible.

While they don’t specify which Nakasero Hospital was started by a group of Consultant Doctors in 2009 who came together with a goal of setting up a world class hospital that would meet the healthcare needs of Ugandans and East Africans who were seeking medical treatment outside the region, due to the gap in quality healthcare services in the country. Nakasero Hospital aims to provide quality, sustainable, compassionate health care by leveraging local and international talent and state-of-the-art technology.