MyAndroid Theme
MyAndroid Taste

Feeling bored with the current look of your Android Phone? Well, the folks at Google have as put together an online tool called #myAndroid Taste Test that’s designed to help you select a wallpaper, launcher, and icon set based on your preferences. Get ready to respond to several rapid-fire questions where you have to say whether you’re more of a “geometric” or “organic” type of person, for example, and it will give you a customized result at the end. The tool also recommends Google’s own Keyboard theme a fancy way for the company to advertise it’s search-powered keyboard.

We gave the tool as spin and were rather left impressed with the results. The recommendations were otherwise pretty on point, at least for me (see my theme result in the above featured image), so it’s worth a shot if you’re feeling in need of some inspiration for your phone’s next look.

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