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A lot has been said about how the job a man has, or the career of a man will determine how he is when it comes to relationships. For example a manicurists is good at touch, any woman can testify to how those guys give that leg massage. Others claim a car mechanic is a rough one and a doctor will know his way around the body. I happen not to have any of those. My dear man is a geek, my geek boyfriend to be specific. Yes, the kind that sits on a computer all day coding. Yes, that one who will have breakfast, lunch and supper, all in one place. Yes, one like these Techjaja geeks who will tell you about all the latest news in the technology world.

With this kind of man, you are certain the competition is not with the girl he works with, or maybe the ka one who keeps texting him, no. The real competition is with his gadgets. He will get the latest Xperia, and go on for hours about the specs. Those nice head phones that are always carefully wrapped after use. The iPod that has all his favorite music. That laptop he sits at the whole day. I mean, he refers to her in ways he has never or will even never refer to you. He talks about her curves, smooth texture, how he loves her and doesn’t know what he would do without her. You’ll hear him say how he can’t figure out what is wrong with his babe and no, he isn’t talking about you.

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When it comes to real life problems, say you are trying to figure out something and you know us girls, even if I know what it might be, I would love to know what he might think. You get used to answers like, “you can Google that.” Interestingly Google has a lot of answers. I am surprised.

So, does he fall in the top five of the “should date men”?

Well, it is not always on the down side. I am lucky I get to own some of the latest phones as well. I get to be the one to know about an app that will make life easier. I don’t have to send directions of the Muffene tree which by the way was cut like five years back, but rather use WhatsApp to send him my location and he can find me. I get to be that girl who helps my girlfriend make her phone Bluetooth visible or even remind her that she doesn’t have to wait for mobile data when she has free WiFi to send me the selfies we have just taken. I also get to learn some of the c++ and hence the “geek” in my own little world. So, does he fall in the top five of the “should date men”? I don’t care. He loves me in his own way and I am taking him for keeps. And yes, I will keep christening all the babes that will keep coming into his life!


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