My First Time Hands on Experience With a Smartphone

My first Smartphone Experince HTC

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At Sight of the headliner of the article, anyone’s minds will quickly have a flashback to the first time they ever held a Smartphone. Well I can easily guess and predict that after all what am writing and talking about is not news to anyone reading it right now. With brand new Smartphones being released on almost a weekly basis from Samsung, HTC, Huawei and many Chinese phone makers, sales have hit record levels, mobile customers are fast developing an increasingly similar feeling of F.O.M.O (Fear of Missing Out) which is basically understandable that every one wants to tag along the latest trend.

Well am not any different either from the rest because I too love to move with the trend. I have often grown excited towards this big love I have for Smartphones that I keep updated on any upgrade from Android or iOS, name it I love it. I can’t exhaustively express my first experience when I had my first hands on a Smartphone, but hey! Like I said it ain’t news, lets roll.

A couple  of friends have had their styles revamped and upgraded now that they got smartphones for themselves. Well for first-timers like me and my friends, migrating from feature phones to smartphones, it was from feeling that we needed to always update our Facebook statuses even when it was not called for. I mean the statues were purely irrelevant and pointless to making sure we don’t miss out on joining any social Networking app from Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Viber, Google+..Name it, we had to get it.

Surely F.O.M.O was the only way anyone could describe me and my friends’ actions. Frankly I was a little over-joyed and excited on getting my HTC phone with HTC Sense that came handy and fashionable at the moment.

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What a way to make such a statement without taking a selfie and uploading it on social media

With all that excitement I kept my eyes glued on the smooth HD screen and HTC’s make up skin on top of Android as I constantly swiped. All I had in mind was to keep up-to-date with the latest apps like Tumblr (which I have not liked even once since I installed it anyway), plus more information and games to letting the world know I just got a Smartphone by obviously endlessly updating my Facebook Status  and  in boxing ‘HI’ messages to whats app friends, and hey! What a way to make such a statement without taking a selfie and uploading it on social media. There’s a lot more you can expect from a first-timer than just my ironic experience but surely it’s only a matter of time until all the first time experience seizes!

So what was your first Smartphone experience, leave us a comment below?