Musician Richard Kaweesa holds sit down strike at Africell Uganda Offices

Richard Kaweesa Strikes at Africell Uganda

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[/blockquote]Whether he is broke or craving for some attention that could propel him back to fame in Uganda’s music scene, fading artist Richard Kaweesa seems to have a bone to pick with Lebanese based telecom company Africell Uganda. According to his Facebook page, the tough-looking musician ranted that he was determined to camp at the Africell clement hill based headquarters until his demands are met. With his mat, a book and smartphone, he was ready to spend the night on the cold-tiled floor of Africell’s office entrance if negotiations between him and CEO Mohammad Ghaddar don’t go his way. Check out he wrote on his Facebook wall below.

Are the Ghosts of Orange Uganda Still haunting Africell?

So this is me at the #Africell Uganda headquarters. What you see me carrying is a mukeeka (mat), a cushion and a Masai…

Posted by Wesa Kawesa on Monday, January 4, 2016

So, what are his demands? Whereas he doesn’t go into details on the reasons for striking, sources tell this blog that it’s likely do with the fact that the company is still using his music without pay. In 2014, Africell Holdings bought 95% stake in Orange Uganda. When Orange Uganda launched in 2009, they used Richard Kaweesa’s Ani akuba baby wange ballad in their ads. Seems the Ghosts of Orange still haunt Africell. Richard Kaweesa’s song was used as the background music in Orange’s first TV and Radio commercials and is still being used as the company’s ring-back tone/caller tune. So whether it’s this song or some other deal gone wrong, Richards claims will keep his fans posted next week.

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