“Multichoice Uganda doesn’t care, listen, serve or even pay attention to its customers”- Frank Gashumba

Frank Gashumba

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[/blockquote]Renown self profiled social activist, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Frank Malingumu Gashumba over the weekend lashed out to satellite Pay TV firm,  Multichoice Uganda on his Facebook Page over what he described as “Confused stupid Multichoice!!”. Which to be fair was actually the title of his rant. Perhaps before we spoil it for your, why don’t you read it for yourself.  He said;

I have been subscribing to DSTV ( Multichoice) for the last 21 years. On average I have been paying 100 dollars every month. The package I subscribe for runs for 24 hours. Multichoice Uganda doesn’t care,listen, serve or even pay attention to its customers but when your subscription expires, they automatically disconnect you. They don’t have a toll free number, if you need assistance from them, you must have credit on your phone to call them. On Sunday their customer care” help line works from 10am to 4pm meaning if you have a technical problem they will attend to you the following day on Monday. For the last 4 years I have been asking them why they don’t have a toll free number that works 24 hours, to me they simply take Ugandans for granted. What they don’t know is it takes 20 years to build a brand and takes a few minutes to ruin it.

I am so pist off with their service Honestly I don’t have the right words to explain how disappointed I am with them. A few minutes back I called their customer care line and they told me their offices on Sunday work from 10am to 4pm, surprisingly they don’t know the monthly subscription I pay, pays their salaries. These fools are not doing me a favour. If a private company can’t value it’s customers what will happen to the Government sector.

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Finally one customer that is well taken care of is more valuable than spending 500 million UGX on advertising. If I don’t get an apology from Multichoice, I am going to decampaign multichoice and I know how many customers you are going to lose. As Ugandans what can we do to compel companies like Multichoice to value their customers or clients the companies in Europe and USA value their customers..?????

We are yet to get Multichoice’s response to Frank’s accusations. Have you had a similar experience with Multichoice Uganda? Leave use a comment below.

Image Credit: BigEye