MultiChoice Uganda denies any changes in rates

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After all the rage and backlash MultiChoice Uganda received on social media yesterday, the company has come out to clear the air on the issue in regards to the reported increase of their rates. The leaked internal document that circulated on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and email conversations clearly stated that Multichoice would increase their rate by 28% effective 1st October.  The outrage was visible on the internet as subscribers took to MultiChoice Uganda’s social media accounts and even our very own account to express their disappointment. Since the January this year, the company has increased their prices twice, a factor which has been largely attributed to the depreciation of the Uganda Shilling from 3,000 to 3,500. The satellite Pay TV service has sent Techjaja an official communication. Responding to the leaked document, the statement read;


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[signoff icon=”quote-circled”]“MultiChoice Uganda informs its subscribers and the general public that the price incremental document being circulated on social media is not an officially sanctioned communication from the company and was an internal discussion document. Like all major service providers MultiChoice periodically reviews its position in the market in terms of pricing and business viability making changes to our subscription and product fees based on inflationary considerations, our content purchase costs and movements in the exchange rate. We however proactively communicate any such price changes by officially notifying our subscribers either directly or more publically through traditional and non-traditional media channels. At present no such official external communication has been sanctioned by MultiChoice and our bouquet prices remain consistent with our currently advertised figures” [/signoff]


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