Multichoice set to increase DSTV subscriptions again?

Multichoice Uganda

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[/blockquote]With effect from 1st April, Multichoice DSTV subscribers should be set to pay a higher monthly bill if they still want to continue enjoying the international shows and movies, live sport, local shows, news and documentaries. Whether this will affect DTSV Uganda subscribers is yet to be seen, however some GoTV and DSTV subscribers have reported that they are receiving SMS from the Pay TV company confirming that there won’t be any increment in subscription on 1st April.

In a 14th March press release, MultiChoice said they will adjust their DStv package fees this year. Back home in Uganda, last year in August, an internal company document circulated on Social Media and email conversations that clearly implied that Multichoice would increase their rate by 28% effective 1st October and later the company denied those claims that later turned out to be true. In the previous increment, DSTV Uganda increase all their monthly subscriptions up to a tune of 28%. The Premium, Compact+ and Compact Bouquets now cost UGX 334,000, UGX 255,000 and UGX 128, 000 respectively which was a 28% increase from the previous value. The Family and Access monthly subscriptions costs are UGX 73,000 and UGX 38,000 which was a 22% and 21% increment respectively.

The DSTV announcement said that “We’ve been able to keep our fees in line with inflation for the past five years, but recently we’ve been hit hard by the depreciation of the rand. Since April 2015, the rand’s devalued by 29 percent, and as most of our programmes are bought in foreign currency, this has had a major impact on the cost of buying the very best content. “