Multichoice opens up HD channels to all subscribers

DSTV Explora

DSTV ExploraPreviously when you wanted to watch DSTV channels in High Definition (HD) you had to part with an extra amount of money and it was for only DSTV Premium customers, but effective from today, the company has revealed that it will make it HD channel range open to all of its subscribers. According to the Multichoice group, all customers who have channels in their package, that are also available in HD, will see these channels in HD obviously if the customer already has an HD capable decoder and HD TV.

All customers with HD equipment will have access to 20 HD DSTV channels. DStv Extra customers will now have access to six HD channels, DStv Compact customers four HD channels, and DStv Family and Select one HD channel each. There are currently no HD channels available for customers on DStv Access and EasyView.


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