Multichoice increases subscription rates by $2

dstv remoteAfrica’s biggest pay TV is set to increase it’s rates starting 1st April. According to an internal source we have been informed that the company will increase it’s rates by $2 as they have been doing annually. $2 seems little and is not felt by subscribers in the short run. The company says that this increase is due to the business operational costs (channel cost, satellite cost and others) and to determine this increment they take into consideration factors like the impact on the subscriber and inflation. In a press statement the company further says

[signoff predefined=”Movie Review Signoff” icon=”icon-pencil”]Unfortunately, it is necessary to implement a price increase on annual basis due to rising cost to the business. Our pricing reflects the cost of doing business and the necessary return on capital in order to ensure a world class, reliable and sustainable pay television service. As Multichoice we are continuously improving and growing our services and product offerings, provisioning our subscribers with the best home entertainment and viewer experience supported by great subscriber management service. [/signoff]