MTN’s Mpaku MBs Vs Airtel’s Tugabane

Tugabana Vs Mpaku MBs

Sharing is caring and the two telecom giants in Uganda know it. Aiming to increase their already vast array of Value Added Services, on both their voice and data platforms MTN and Airtel Uganda have this year introduced ways to share your Internet data with the people you care for. We’ve received several questions from our readers confusing the two and asking us the difference between MTN’s Mpaku and Airtel’s Tugabane and today we want to clear the air. This is a simple comparison showcasing  MTN’s Mpaku MBs Vs Airtel’s Tugabane.


We have previously done a full detailed review on Airtel’s Tugabane service and we liked the idea. This means you can use the internet on a smartphone, tablet name it; it will work just fine, just imagine your phone being a long distance WiFi hotspot and you allow people to use your data. MTN’s Mpaku MBs is basically Me2U for data. Just like you can send airtime to a friend, MTN has trickled down this service to your Internet data.


Both features work well as advertised, perhaps the most innovative is Airtel’s Tugabane that allows you to share your data with four people simultaneously and in real-time as long as you have data. While Mpaku MBs is one-by-one kind of operation that works on the same principles of the existing voice Me2U and you can only send between 5MB to 1 GB of data. While Internet Me2U has a limit on data sharing, on Tugabane you can share as much data as you want without any restrictions. Where MTN takes the edge is when it comes to internet speeds, it goes back to the same old 4G-LTE vs 3G speeds. You can read more in our detailed comparison of data speed tests for all mobile carriers in Uganda that we carried out early this year.

How to activate

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For MTN you can dial *150*60#  and follow the prompts while for Airtel’s Tugabane you dial *175*5# and choose Sub Option 1: TUGABANE, select Activate and enter the numbers you want to share you bundle with. Just make sure whoever you add has less affinity for data than you.


Both are free to use