MTN Zambia Launches LTE Network

MTN Zambia CEO

Last week, MTN Zambia commercially launched Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network in the country. According to the company, the launch of the LTE, 4G network is part of a bigger network transformation plan that has been under way for the past few years. Angolan mobile operator Movitel was the first company in Africa to launch commercial LTE network last year. Uganda, Namibia and South Africa are some of the countries in Africa that have also commercialized LTE.

MTN Zambia CEO Abdul Ismail said the launch of the LTE network in the country represents a major stride in mobile connectivity capabilities in the country.

“The launch further emphasizes MTN’s commitment in not just transforming its own network but also the businesses of its corporate and small and medium enterprise customers while contributing positively to the overall development of the ICT sector in Zambia

The advent of LTE networks in Africa coupled with the improving economies in most African countries is expected to set off  higher demand for LTE-enabled mobile phones and other devices as costs come down. More operators in Africa, especially larger service provider, are looking at LTE as a technology growth path because it offers a greater variety of service options than earlier mobile technologies.

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MTN is Africa’s largest telecom operator, with a presence in over 21 countries in Africa and the Middle East. We are yet to determine which LTE variant (TDD or FDD) MTN Zambia has deployed.


Via: CIO East Africa