MTN wants you to ‘hunt for Eggs’ in their new Internet campaign

MTN egg hunt
MTN egg hunt
Image Credit (MTN Facebook Page)

As telecom companies try to win the hearts of Ugandans in the world of data services, MTN has embarked on a massive online Egg Hunt promotion. We have all seen the MTN commercial of the little girl who picked an egg and kept it to hatch thinking it was a ducks’ egg little did she know that it was a crocodiles’ and the swift adaptation she made by searching the internet and learning how to feed a crocodile, was a testimony of what you can learn from the internet. However far fetched the commercial puts the point across, the internet has all the answers and MTN wants you to use it to find the answers to whatever question you have.

The promotion is the company’s initiative to move towards a faster and easy to use internet and will on Thursday 29th May launch an online Egg Hunt promotion. MTN is working round the clock to extend faster internet services to both rural and urban areas. The company has been beefing up their internet connectivity having several redundancy fiber entry points in the country. According to Suzan Kayemba in charge of Social Media at MTN, while speaking at the pre- launch campaign of the promotion at Makerere University said:

[signoff predefined=”Quotation” icon=”icon-username”]”Our object is just to make the internet an everyday thing for Ugandans because we think there is so much value which people can find on the internet they just don’t know how. We are trying to teach people through games like this one to bring people on the internet because once they are there, then they can discover useful things for their businesses and children “[/signoff]

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Once the actual promotion begins MTN subscribers will start the online Egg hunt on a site that will be hosted on all it will require you to do is by correctly answering questions to daily clues in order to win a prize of UShs. 5 million in cash. On top of that there will also be many daily prizes including airtime and phones. The MTN Egg hunt will run from Monday to Friday for 6 weeks from 29th May to 9th July, and every day one clue will be given in different media from TV, print, radio, social media to which participants must go to to provide the best response.

According to the company’s Press Box, MTN Uganda Chief Marketing Officer, Ernst Fonternel, described the promotion as the first ever online promotion of its kind in the market, clearly emphasizing MTN’s interest in integrating Internet in everyday life of Ugandans.