Why does MTN want to spend Ksh 800 million in Kenya?

MTN business
(Image Credit MTN business)

Although MTN doesn’t have a fully operational mobile network in Kenya like in Uganda or Rwanda, MTN Business the Enterprise Business Unit of MTN exists there. The Business unit is looking to spend over KSh 800 million to roll out its fiber network across the country. According to a new revelation disclosed by Managing director Tom Omariba early this week, the company will spend a great sum of that money to give Mombasa a Metro Ethernet fiber network.

Last year in may, fire gutted down it’s offices in Mombasa and today MTN has re-opened them. The telecom giant is eyeing small and medium enterprises at the coast. Omariba said,

“The technology will enable enterprise customers with global operations to easily communicate with branches and employees worldwide. It provides high security, high-speed and high quality services to businesses,”


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In March this ygconnectivityear, MTN Uganda showed off the company’s superiority in internet connectivity in the region. Based on the map, MTN uses both ESSAy cable and TEAMS cable from London via Djibouti and Dubai respectively all terminating at the coast of Mombasa, this makes them a clear contender in Kenya’s telecom business.

MTN business’s global footprint spans 23 countries in the Middle East and Africa and mains to lead emerging markets into this bold, new digital world. Unlike the main stream legacy mobile network business this unit provides 360-degree ICT services with the largest range of mobile and Internet-based communications solutions.