MTN Uganda is reportedly shutting down it’s CDMA network, and that’s a good thing

MTN uganda 10 million

MTN uganda 10 millionFor those in the telecom circles, can verify that CDMA as a technology is dead, there is nothing it can do that 2G GSM or even the latest mobile network technologies can’t do better. In fact the current 3G networks are built on the fundamentals of the CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) technology. The leading telecommunications operator in Uganda; MTN Uganda is reportedly shutting down its CDMA network since it’s an aging technology.

The company operates several technologies for both voice and data; refer to this table for details on all the mobile network technologies it has so far deployed. When CDMA was launched, it was mainly targeted for portable fixed lines with 0392 as the number extension for MTN Uganda customers. Over the years GSM technology evolved to support fixed lines and its a good thing that MTN decided to slowly phase it out.

Our sources can confirm that MTN’s CDMA infrastructure has been hanging by thread and its only been a matter of time for the obsolete technology to be permanently shutdown and overhauled. Chinese vendor Huawei Uganda was contracted to take care of the current phasing out CDMA, but Huawei later subcontracted Chainlink Technology Uganda Limited to accomplish the job.

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A source privy to the meetings at MTN Uganda informed us that management resolved to switch over the CDMA network to a more favorable 2G GSM network. However costly this compromise was especially to MTN subscribers, it was conspicuously decided on to halt the CDMA service, a move which we see is logical given the demerits of CDMA technology.

Customers Phone Numbers Affected

During this costly migration a few technological quick fixes have not gone well and this has forced the technical team to undertake a tough decision that impacts a significant number of customers especially those on fixed lines. Customers have now been migrated to the new code 0393****** from the previous 0392******.

What remains to be seen is whether the telecom giant will notify the affected customers via any media or through customer awareness via print, web and television informing them of the ongoing changes.