MTN Uganda becomes first LTE Operator in Uganda: Are you ready?

In another move to stir up the data market in Uganda, MTN has beat all other operators in Launching the first 4G-LTE network in Uganda. For the tech nerds MTN has built its network round the Asian branded TDD-LTE network on the 2.6GHz spectrum as we reported earlier. Ugandans will now be able to enjoy faster speeds. Unfortunately those planning to buy smartphones (Galaxy s4, HTC One, iphone 5) to use on this LTE network might get disappointed as they will not be able to utilize the technology deployed by MTN. The company communicated that users will have to purchase data dongles/modems in selected places to bask in the new internet experience.

“We are happy to claim another first in Uganda with this momentous announcement as MTN Uganda successfully launches its 4GLTE network offering World-class internet services to our customers. What is even more pleasing is that we’ve done this ahead of many other advanced economies around the world,” said Ernst Fonternel, MTN Uganda’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Unlike their 21Mbps and 42Mbps campaigns his time, MTN is not giving us the exact speeds to expect on their LTE network though we shall not expect much coverage given that fact that its only 20 sites around Kampala on a high 2.6GHz band. Reliable sources tell Techjaja that even though the technology is capable of giving up to 100Mbps all tests MTN has done is only giving them less that three quarters of this speed (something expected for TDD technologies). We suspect that in the rush not to lose the “being the 1st to launch LTE position” they have announced the unripe network for commercial use.

The CMO goes on further to say ““Our challenge isn’t keeping ahead of the other operators.  It’s keeping ahead of the tidal wave of data demand both in our country and in the region. Last year we launched our 21.6Mbps Data Network and last month
we rolled out our 42Mbps Data Network and now LTE. In all these innovations, we have been the first, and our intention is to continue pushing boundaries so that our customers enjoy World-class internet.”

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It’s a tight race in the Mobile industry in Uganda, and now that MTN has figured its reign in the voice Market as King, analysts say it may not last for long more-so after the Merger of Warid and Airtel. It’s a known fact that Orange has  dominated the data market for four years now, and its obvious they are also not asleep as they are rumored to be in their final stages of preparing their LTE network to rival the competition.

Long Term Evolution (LTE ) is the next generation technology ear marked by the industry to revolutionize broadband connectivity , in East Africa we have Smile telecom which has already quietly launched its LTE in Tanzania.

Are you willing to try out the new LTE network?