MTN To Boot Over 847 Managerial staff


MTN MTN one of Africa’s largest telecom company has reportedly¬†issued downsizing notices to over 847 managerial staff members as the mobile sector faces a slow growth and increased competition.

The MTN group has flourished rapidly in the past two decades in Africa and in the Middle East but is facing tight competition in South Africa as Vodacom is giving them a run of their money. The reason for the retrenchment notice sent to staff on Friday, is due to revenue decline and a significant drop in market share.

The attachment in the email that was sent states that the company giant plans to issue the final notice to employees on 1 October.

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On July 16, we reported that MTN Uganda was planning to out source parts of it’s Technical department and these negotiations with Vendor Huawei and Ericsson are still on-going.

  • Isn’t this after MTN supposedly reported revenue growth in their latest quarterly reports? Besides I don’t see why or how such a monopolistic Telecom giant is should down-size given its growth prospects from data and mobile money.

    • roger bambino

      yes they reported a revenue growth but seems things are no rosy in the telecom sector now days