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The past few weeks have not been rosy for Uganda’s telecom giant MTN. The company has amassed themselves a huge amount of negative feedback from its subscribers ever since they quietly revised their social pack and other Internet bundles. Most of the subscribers came to conclusion that the previous “goonya effect” had returned, with their data plans being depleted faster that usual and also pointed out how the competition offers cheaper options.

On 7th July, the Ugandan Communications Commission (UCC) tasked, the big yellow network in a letter to explain the bundle discrepancies with justification and gave them a few days to respond to this letter. At that time, MTN had not yet released any formal communication and clarity into the matter a move that saw a huge social media backlash. Several memes, insults and jokes towards MTN hit the interwebs with some subscribers threatening to churn from the network.

BundleValidityOLD VolumeNew VolumePrice (UGX)
Daily WTF24 Hours​ ​ ​20 MB40 MB250​
​Daily SWIFT24 Hours​ ​ ​50 MB100 MB​500
Weekly SWIFT7 Days100 MB 350 MB2500
​Monthly SWIFT1 Month​250 MB600 MB5,000​

In response, MTN last evening made a few changes to its social pack as shown above and have doubled their daily SWIFT and WFT volume from 20 MB to 40 MB and 50 MB to 100 MB respectively. The weekly SWIFT bundle has been increased by 250 MB from 100 MB and the Monthly SWIFT bundle increased to 600 MB from 250 MB . It should be noted that the pricing has not been changed. When compared with Africell’s SWIFT bundle, you get 200 MBs daily for Ugx 500 and 600 MBs weekly for Ugx 2,000.

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At the end of the day, it comes back to you the data user. Do you find MTN’s new social bundles favorable? Leave us a comment below.