MTN now has its own version of the Tugabane data sharing service

Tugabane MTN

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[/blockquote]Data sharing services are useful, and the telcos know it, first we had Airtel introduce its Tugabane service a way to share your Internet data with the people you care for a product of which we reviewed. Today, Uganda’s biggest telco has moved away from the MpakuMBs gimmick version of Tugabane and has unveiled its own version of Tugabane that works just the way you would expect it to work. You can now share that fast 3G and 4G LTE data with your friends, colleges and family.

This MTN innovation lets people share data in such a way that one mobile data subscriber can add up to five other mobile numbers to surf from the same bundle regardless of where these mobile numbers are in the country and internet devices the other individuals have. This means you can use the internet on a smartphone, tablet name it; it will work just fine, we’ve always called this a long distance WiFi hotspot. To activate MTN Uganda’s Tugabane, You dial *150*70# to activate and enter the numbers you want to share you bundle with. Just make sure whoever you has less affinity for data than you.