MTN digs from Airtel’s creative minds and launches their own “WTF” Social Media bundle

MTN social media bundle

In March last year, Airtel introduced a new social media bundle that granted their subscribers unlimited power to WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook for a whole day and they named it WFT (which obviously stands for WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook). The Airtel bundle costs UGX 500 a day and has been running for almost ten months now.

Meanwhile, MTN with no shame has this week launched a similar package for their mobile customers. Its clear MTN has dug into Airtel’s creative minds and launched their own “WTF” Social Media bundle with a similar name.

MTN bundle costs UGX 2,000 for a week and will be free on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. (Great deal if you ask us) All you need to do is dial *150*6# in order to enjoy the weekly WFT bundle.  This is a clear seal of approval for Airtel’s social media strategy in regards to mobile internet usage and can’t wait for other telecoms to follow suit.