The MTN App challenge is back. Check here for registration dates and more

Image Credit: MTN Uganda

Big yellow is yet again back with the MTN App challenge in partnership with Outbox after the first edition was concluded in 2015. The 3 days event will take place at Outbox and will see local innovators come together to create different apps for use on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

The 2017 MTN App Challenge will be the second edition following one earlier in 2015, that gave us the likes of Yoza, famed for being the Uber of dirty laundry. As of this writing, registrations to enter the 2nd Edition of the hackathons are live and they will end on 28th April.

This edition will comprise of teams made up to four and a maximum of 5 people with set skill roles like UI/UX designer, software developer, marketer and the project manager and a maximum of 20 teams will be selected to participate.

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The MTN App challenge will put emphasis on the app categories listed below and joining these is M-Agriculture that puts the total number at 5.

  1. M-Health: This will focus on accessing health services on a mobile phone
  2. M-Media and Entertainment: This will focus on the enablement of entertainment services on a mobile phone.
  3. M-Education: This will focus on apps that extend education to a mobile phone
  4. M-Finance: This will focus on extending financial services to the lower income group
  5. M-Agriculture: This will focus on apps that support the agricultural chain.

Participants will be awarded for participation in each of the above categories from which the overall winner will be selected as well as the audience’s favorite. All awards will be given and chosen on 4th May 2017.