Mpenkoni Trilogy is an Android Game that gets M7, Mbabazi and Besigye racing Super Mario style

Mpekoni trilogy hero

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[/blockquote]We have a handful of Ugandan game developers and Mpenkoni Trilogy is one designed by Ugandans for Ugandans to tickle your fancy during this election period. Whether you support the incumbent president Yoweri Museveni, Hon Amama Mbabazi or Dr. Kiiza Besigye this game wants you to channel your support for these three presidential candidates on your Android device and not to showcase the political violence on the streets.  Released just last week, Mpenkono Trilogy is a Super Mario rip-off that allows you to choose your favorite political candidate and get him to race the remaining two on a bicycle through the streets of Kampala. The Super Mario games follow Mario’s adventures in the fictional Mushroom Kingdom.

The 15 MB free Android game is not complex as all you do is tap your screen to ride like the wind, jump, etc. But, be careful as recklessness could cost you and your presidential candidate. Beginning with a simple but progressive speed, you will have to help your presidential navigate the treacherous terrain of K-town to attain the best high score ever. If there is one thing the developers pulled-off is the background music as it gets you in the moods to play the game which end up to be addictive for some.

Mpekoni trilogy

How to Play Mpekoni trilogy

  1. Pick a player of your choice
  2. Follow a simple tutorial or choose to play.
  3. Tap once to jump, twice to float.
  4. While floating tap again to drop.
  5. Dodge obstacles and survive pits.  
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In the future assuming it will still be as exciting to play as it is today; we would like to see real-time online interaction with 2 plays or more, racing in different cities of Uganda, new challenges etc. Otherwise we find Mpenkoni Trilogy to be a basic game that will get many excited, but the challenge every game has is how to keep up this excitement among its users going.  The Game is only available on the Google Play store and you can download it here.

Download from the Google Play Store