Motorola’s Project Ara: Your smartphone hardware will always be at par with the current software (update: video)

For the tech lovers out there, am sure you remember the times you assembled your own PCs right from the PC shell, Motherboard, RAM and the list goes on–and if you wanted to upgrade to the latest OS software  or even increase your gaming capabilities all it took was buying more RAM, processing power or a more powerful graphics card and life would go on smoothly.  In the recent times we are always faced with a choice of having to purchase a new smartphone for various reasons, and in most cases there are hardware limitations due to the higher requirements of a new OS. So imagine in the future if you would just replace your phone’s processor board, from a Tegra x to a Snapdragon 2000 or increase its RAM to 8GB with in a blink of an eye to support android 7.0 or whatever version of Android that will be there at the time.

Presenting the Motorola Ara, a modular phone concept that might actually become real one day. Using the concept of Phonebloks, the Ara will have removable modules that will let you replace or upgrade specific parts of the device. How cool. There will be no more hustle in repairs and upgrades. You will be able to customize your phone the way you want it. and of course it all comes at a price. You can choose only those modules that are important to you and skimp out on the others.

Its not a surprise that this project has been cooking in the Motorola labs for a year now. According to Motorola’s own blog,  will also be working with the creator of the Phonebloks concept Dave Hakkens on the Ara project. It sounds more like our techstripped series we have here at techjaja feel free to check it out.

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As we mentioned earlier Motorola is not the initiator of the idea, as the is a parallel start up company called Phonebloks who clearly demonstrate the concept in the YouTube video below.

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