Moto X leaked video showcases more features of the next Motorola Flagship phone

moto announcement

We recently saw Google chairman, Eric Schmidt using the unannounced and anticipated Moto X phone, and the leaks just keep coming in according to a leaked video that appears to be from Rogers, a Canadian wireless carrier, Google’s upcoming Moto X device will be packed with some interesting features. From passive listening in order to respond to voice requests without a button press, to an alert system that flashes “active updates” when the phone is asleep to show which programs have notifications waiting. There is also a new cool trick that allows a user to flick their wrist twice to access the phone’s camera.  The video, originally spotted by Ausdroid, shows a user speaking to the phone to retrieve weather information from Google Now.

Another feature demonstrated in the leaked video will allow users to take a photo by tapping anywhere on the screen instead of having to press a shutter button. The Moto X is Motorola’s first product since Google’s took over and is expected later this year. You can glance at all these features in the video below.

Source:  Ausdroid