Moto G joins the Google Play Edition crew

moto g

First was the high-end phones, the HTC One and Galaxy S4, followed by Sony’s Xperia Z and LG’s 7 inch tablet, next in line is something from Motorola, the Moto G to join the Google Play Edition devices. The Motorola’s Moto G is an affordable version of the Moto X. The down side of this is that most GPE devices are only exclusive to the US and not accessible to some target markets for example this $175 phone.

We don’t expect much change on the software side of things of the Moto G, since it as running  a nearly stock version of Android. For those wondering what the hell a Google Play edition device is, it’s basically as a phone that is as close to Google’s own Nexus phones and also get faster updates to the new version of Android.