Monitoring system that tracks all calls, texts, and online activity is launched in India

The internet and phone user’s in India worst nightmare seems to be coming true, as the government launched a system for monitoring every piece of citizens’ telecommunications, including online activity, text messages, and phone calls, over the past month. This Central Monitoring System (CMS) is meant to be installed for  “reasonable security practices and procedures” within the country, according to The Times of India.The Indian government has dedicated its self to remaining within the law, details are not been made clear about what types of conversations it intends to monitor and under what conditions it would admonish them.

The project has cost the India’s government a little shy of $74 million to set up, and it has taken them at least 5 years. There has been lots of  web content censorship, requesting that content be removed and per-screened by major companies such as Google. Although the CMS will apparently be used for fighting terrorism, the threat of constant monitoring doesn’t augur well for continued internet and telecom freedoms. Don’t be surprised if your government launches the same system in your country as well soon.

Source:Times of India