Mini Poll: How is your free WiFi Internet experience in Kampala?

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It’s official, Kampala dwellers can now use the long awaited free wireless Internet thanks to the Government through the National Information Technology Authority (NITA-U) in a project dubbed #MYUG. Several people first took the network for a spin at 2016 the Kampala City Carnival and it should be noted that, the maximum speed per user was capped to 2 mbps. The free internet is currently available in specific time-slots (6pm-6am) and also in a few areas around Kampala with a promise from NITA-U to expand the project with time.

Some have noted with concern that NITA blocked access to video streaming websites a move that which limits the use of the WiFi network in several aspects. On a goof note, we’ve also been mentioned in some tweets (shown below) that depict some positive feedback so far.

So ,we want to hear from you, how was your free WiFi experience especially at the Kampala City Carnival? Vote in the Mini Poll below.

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Mini Poll