Surface Pro 2017

Microsoft has launched a new Surface Pro, and dropping its its numbering scheme as a result. Which means there will be no Surface Pro 5, Microsoft’s new tablet / laptop hybrid is simply the Surface Pro from now on for all iterations to come. The new Surface Pro looks a lot like the previous mode, the Surface Pro 4, but most changes have been made on the inside with over 800 new custom parts in the new Pro.

The Surface Pro comes with a new Intel seventh-generation Kaby Lake processor, with a fan-less design on the Core m3 and Core i5 models. The Surface Pro will deliver up to 13.5 hours of battery life which over 50 percent increase from the previous model. Microsoft is also promising sleep improvements with the new Surface Pro so you can confidently open and close the device and maintain battery life.
It is really hard to distinguish between this surface and the old Surface Pro 4, but one of the subtle changes include a new hinge design. Microsoft has adopted the same Surface Studio 165-degree angle for the Surface Pro, allowing it to lay nearly flat. This will be good for the creators on the go. Alongside this new hinge angle, Microsoft is also including Surface Dial support on the display of the Surface Pro.
One of the biggest changes to the Surface Pro is a new Surface Pen. To keep costs down, so you’ll be able to purchase it separately for $99.
Microsoft will also offer a model with LTE connectivity. The LTE version will support micro SIM and eSIM, and will be priced slightly higher than models without LTE support. Microsoft isn’t revealing exact pricing or a release date, of the Surface Pro with LTE.
Microsoft’s new Surface Pro is available for preorder today starting at $799. You’ll need to purchase a Type Cover (starting at $129) and Surface Pen ($99) separately, and devices will start shipping on June 15th in 26 countries.