This is Microsoft’s first Nokia Ad

Nokia Ad

Last week, the deal was sealed as Microsoft acquired Nokia’s devices and services unit. Several new Microsoft employees from Nokia have been tweeting their new employee badges plus also series of selfies today. The first working day of Nokia under  Microsoft has been marked with a new web Nokia Ad. Under the title “not like everybody else,” the new ad depicts Microsoft’s third place in smartphones with a touch of color clearly separating it from the competition.

In 2010 Microsoft used a similar Ad distinguishing strategy in their first commercial for Windows Phone, it took a slightly different and odd approach. For those how remember the Nokia Ad that depicted Samsung and Apple smartphone owners in a wedding fight, placing Windows Phone as the alternative. This new ad, with Microsoft branding included, might not be as weird as some of Nokia’s past efforts. There is a short flirting scene of like minded Nokia users. But it’s Microsoft’s first attempt as a smartphone maker, shall we be convinced to buy Windows Phone? Only time will tell.

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