Microsoft wants to make its own Windows SIM Card


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A few years back we wrote a piece predicting the death of the SIM card as we know it. In an effort to make LTE access a little easier, Microsoft is planning to make its own Windows SIM Card. The software giant is currently testing a cellular data app that lets Windows 10 devices connect to various mobile network operators irrespective of your carrier. You can now access the cellular data app on the Windows Store, but Microsoft has not yet announced its plans for the service, so everything seems to be in a blackbox now.

The app is designed to work on Windows 10 and “requires a Microsoft SIM card,” according to the listing. It’s not immediately clear which markets Microsoft plans to launch its SIM card in, and the pricing of the cellular data. Microsoft is planning to sell plans through the Windows Store, so the data will be tied to a Microsoft Account.

 Depending on availability, Microsoft could be planning to create its own mobile virtual networks (MVNO) to allow Windows 10 users to connect to partner carriers. What Microsoft is doing is similar to Apple’s SIM card found in its iPad Air, and Microsoft may need to create its own network with partners.