Microsoft removes over 1500 Shoddy apps from the Windows Store

windows phones youtube

windows phones youtube

After a recent post by online tech magazine How to Geek, that detailed several fake apps on Windows Store that ripped off the original apps, Microsoft has decided to settle all these issues once and for all. The Windows app ecosystem is filled with many unnecessary apps that could be seen a misleading or shoddy. Microsoft has today stepped up it’s efforts and removed more than 1,500 apps to make sure apps are named and described in a way that doesn’t mislead users.

The company has updated it’s Windows Store app certification requirements to include policies that state an app should be named to “clearly and accurately reflect the functionality,” they have also insisted that apps should be categorized according to their function and purpose, and icons must be differentiated so they aren’t mistaken with others.

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In good spirit Microsoft will be refunding users the cost of apps they downloaded because of incorrect title or description.