Microsoft plans to release Windows 9 on April 2015


Microsoft’s Windows 8 has been a big pain for most users as it did away with some good UI features that users were used to in the previous versions. Even if Microsoft  currently deployed Windows 8.1 in October based on customer feedback it won’t stop the company from releasing Windows 9 around April 2015. Microsoft is rumored to  unveil its vision for Windows 9 at the company’s Build 2014 developer conference in April, with a release planned for a year later.

Currently we don’t know what type of changes will be made to Windows 9, but “Metro 2.0” for the new OS will include a major focus on improving Microsoft’s new app world and tiles. Other speculation  is that Microsoft is planning to separate out its Windows 8-style (“Metro”) apps to allow them to float and run in separate windows on the traditional desktop. We also expect the comeback of the controversial Start menu.

The company is currently in the final planning stages for Windows 9 and work is expected to begin after the Build 2014 developer conference in April. With other ecosystems slowly catching up with Microsoft, the company needs excitement, Windows 8-style apps, and innovation.