Microsoft partners with Dell and HP to push Surface Pro into more Offices

Surface tablet

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With the launch of the Surface Pro 4 expected in October, Microsoft is trying to get the Surface Pro into more people hands and has partnered with  Dell and HP in what they have called the Surface Enterprise Initiative to push the Surface into more Offices. On top of selling the Surface Pro tablets, these companies will offer business services, like device setup and support. This partnership should effectively move businesses over to Windows 10, which is far more important for Microsoft than selling tablets.

We expect Apple to announce the iPad Pro tomorrow which is supposed to be their answer to the Surface Pro and we believe that’s why Microsoft has announced this partnership today. Apple has also been getting in bed with companies like Oracle to up its enterprise services and apps for the iPad in an attempt to get its own tablets into more businesses.

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The Surface Enterprise Initiative, will include Dell, HP, Accenture, and Avanade. Though Microsoft doesn’t offer any detail, it’s likely that those companies will also begin offering the Surface alongside enterprise services.