Microsoft Outlook for Apple Watch is now available

Outlook on Apple Watch

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Microsoft has a new and simple strategy, go where users are and they know people love Apple products. Today we can see this Microsoft love manifest itself with the release of Outlook for Apple Watch. If you feel the need to check your mail on a small screen and you have an Apple Watch,  look no further, the Outlook email app for iOS is here and according to the Verge it works well. You can see and reply to full emails. By default, Outlook notifications on the Apple Watch now show a lot more of the email body instead of cutting it short after a couple of sentences. It should be noted that you still won’t be able to reply instantly from a notification.

On top of that, Microsoft has also built an Outlook glance for the Apple Watch, this gives the user the ability to look at emails and calendar appointments. Like most other Apple Watch apps, Microsoft’s included, it’s a rather basic app that simply extends the notification experience. The software giant has also setup a dedicated wearables site that has all various Office apps for Android Wear and the Apple Watch.

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Image Credit: The Verge