Microsoft is cooking up a new futuristic browser

Microsoft Miracast

Microsoft is said to be cooking up a new browser of the future under the codename Spartan, a move that could see the company move away from Internet Explorer upon the launch of Windows 10. This was revealed by ZDNet that the new browser will not be called Internet Explorer 12.

Microsoft’s future browser will reportedly look “more like Chrome and Firefox” according to ZDNet. It will continue to utilize the Chakra JavaScript engine and Trident rendering engine, so Redmond will not all of a sudden switching over to WebKit, the engine that’s used by Apple’s Safari. We have seen Google¬† move away from WebKit and created custom variants of the engine to serve their own development needs.

Don’t expect to see Internet Explorer disappear, as ZDNet says that IE 11 will still come bundled with Windows 10 for backward compatibility purposes, so this means Microsoft will in fact be shipping two browsers with its next big operating system. We wait for this to be revealed on January 21st at the nxt Windows 10 event.

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Source: ZDNet