Microsoft introduces the Surface Pro 3: The laptop Killer

Surface Pro 3


Surface Pro 3In a annual tradition to improve their surface line of tablets, Microsoft has today launched the successor to its high end tablets, the Surface Pro 3 at a launch event in the US. Microsoft’s Panos Panay said on stage that “This is the tablet that can replace your laptop. we had this vision … to help people to get more done on it”. He also went on to stress that 96% of the people who own iPads also own laptops and noted that the conflict exists” no matter what kind of store you walk into. The surface pro 3 is a product that solve those conflicts according to the company.


Surface Pro 3_4

It is equipped with a “full friction, multi position” kickstand, a pen and USB 3 too. As expected it’s faster than the Surface Pro 2, comes in at 9.1mm thick, on an Intel Core processor. It looks a lot like the last surface, but thinner. It also has thinner bezels with a 12 inch wide-screen and a 3 x 2 aspect ratio screen ( 2160 x 1440 display.) that Microsoft calls “Pixel free” plus it can push out video to a 4K monitor. The tablet fan is 30 percent more efficient than any other fan in the market today with better battery life, stronger chassis than the Pro 2. Panay said, “It’s the full power of the PC for collecting data and creating data.”


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Surface Pro 3_2

The first stop of the original surface was a 22-degree angle, and the new one can go up to 150-degrees to cater for all those different scenarios when you need to use the surface with new hinge that is pretty wild. the company has made newer and thinner type covers calling them “the thinnest [Intel] Core product ever created”. They’ve increased the size of the trackpad by 68 percent, and they’ve increased the friction too.


Surface Pro 3_5

The Pro 3 comes with a pen that comes with a “thin optical stack” that removes parallax from the space between the point of the pen and the pixels.Clicking the pen opens the one note app and double clicking takes that picture and drops it right into OneNote to take notes on. It has front-facing speakers that Microsoft claims are “40 percent more powerful” that the Pro 2.

Surface Pro 3_1

Just like the Samsung’s implementation of multitasking on its tablets, the Pro 3 also has the windows split-screen feature and a crazy video.

Preorders for Microsoft’s latest tablet, start at $799 for an Intel Core I3 version.


All Images courtesy of the verge live blog